Day 3 (Nutri Month)


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Thank you to all people who’s reading my blog. First of all i want to thank my teacher, Miss kimmy bec’ she share this app, It makes me happy everytime i post here😊

So lets go back to our topic.

 today isn’t my worst day😇 I have period lately and it drives me crazy/moody, I always tissing eleasha (my-Hamster-friend) so she get mad ‘coz to my kinda Mood😑.

Lately in our school We didn’t have Classes due to nutrition month (nutri month is like celebrating the Vegetables, Or Health) we just design our Classroom, There have a winner To who Have great design and Worst 😥 we dont know yet who’s the winner but i hope We’re the Winner! We did our best so i think that is enough, winner or lost, I’ll be happy because i know….. We know…. We did our best! Thanks to our adviser miss billy for helping us to decorated the room😊

Sooo…. yesterday is My worst day😔 Miss billy (my Cute adviser) Makes me cry😭 And my classmates who is sharing there family story, I thought i know Them enough but it isn’t, They share there family problem, I thought i’m the only One Who has a fam problem, But like what i said or my motto: “problem is the purpose of life” it really hurts me when they share them story infront of the whole class😓 

If i am in there position, i wouldn’t talk but to cry, I just hold my tear, but i doesn’t work and fall Down to my cheeck and i wipe it🙍whatever if they see me crying, it doesn’t matter right now, ” judge me if they’re perfect, Shut up if not” My second motto in this blog

Thank you for reading this, i know it is so boring
Sorry for my wrong grammar, duuhh there is no perfect in this world😒😮

Day 2 (Dream)

today is thursday
Time check: 8:25

i want to share my Story, i had a dream last night, in my dream All people abandoned me, And also my friends.

It scares me a lot, Not bec i’ll be lonely but just bec I dont know who i am.

At my side, It is true that i didn’t know who i am🙎. I forgot all people who there for me, i forgot to thank all of People who are by my side👩👧. It is true, im the person dont know what they feelings, in tagalog ‘hindi ko alam paano makiramdam’ My friend told me, that:( that’s why i am scared, without them i cant know who i am🔥

People have problems too, Big? Small? I dont know💥But i believe “problem is the purpose of life”. I have  friends named Pauline, Marielle, Lei ann, Grace, And precious. Espejo. My life revolve around them, they’re my friend but I made them My family,

I dont know why i’m writting this but i know i wrote this because they are too special for me. Lately, I get mad on Pauline because of her jokes. Her jokes kinda pissed me off..

I know i cannot get mad at her. I CAN’T! Why? Because she is the person i am happy with.

Ya know this feeling: I get mad at her but later i  want to make fun of her.

Thank you for reading. Hope you like it♥